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Welcome to www.Indovel.com.

Terms & Conditions set out below govern the use of services offered by CV. Personal goals related to the use of the site www.Indovel.com. Users or referred to as Traveler or partner are advised to read carefully as it may affect the rights and obligations of users under the law.

By registering and/or using the site www.Indovel.com, the user is deemed to have read, understand, understand and agree to all of the contents in these Terms & conditions. These Terms & Conditions constitute a form of agreement set forth in a valid agreement between the user and CV. Sasmar Pribadi. If the user does not approve one, part or all of the terms & Conditions, the user may not use the services on the website www.Indovel.com.



  1. Sasmar Pribadi is a company that conducts the business activities of procurement of goods and services that address in the city of Jambi and has a website address cv.sasmars.com. One of the subsidiary of this company is Indovel (Indonesia Travel Marketplace) which as a tourist product collection machine in Indonesia sold by registered and trusted partners. Hereinafter called Indovel.
  2. Indovel website is www.Indovel.com.
  3. Terms & Conditions shall be an agreement between user and Indovel which contains a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities of users and Indovel, as well as the procedures for the use of the Indovel service system.
  4. The user is a party that uses Indovel services, including but not limited to Traveler, partner or other party who just visit Indovel website.
  5. Traveler is a registered buyer who requests for products sold by partners on Indovel site.
  6. A partner is a registered user who performs an act of opening a counter and/or bidding on a product to the Traveler on the Indovel website.
  7. Products are services that can be a tour and travel package, rent a lodging or a car or other tourism activities.
  8. The payment system in Indovel is a joint account agreed by Indovel and the users to buy and sell transactions at Indovel website. Indovel is working with Midtrans to build a reliable payment system and make it easy for both users and Indovel.



  1. The user hereby declares that, the user is a capable person and is able to bind himself in a legally lawful agreement.
  2. Indovel respects the confidentiality of users. Indovel and will strive to comply with the requirements of relevant data protection legislation when performing its obligations.
  3. For registration purposes, Indovel will collect and process user’s personal information, such as name, email address, and mobile phone number when user registers. Users agree to fill out with accurate, complete and up-to-date information and agree to provide us with a proof of identity that we may request for obvious reasons.
  4. Indovel does not charge registration fee to users Indovel.
  5. Indovel users who have registered are entitled to act as:
    • Traveler, or
    • Partner (by registering as Mitra Indovel).
  6. Users who will act as tour providers are required to choose the ‘ Partners ‘ option when registering at Indovel. After registering as Mitra Indovel, the user must complete the data and the partnership documents (KTP, Pas Poto, NPWP, certificate/Business license) filed in the registered user’s email. All forms of partnership documents are the responsibility of Indovel and are only used as a source of partner data and transaction guarantees at Indovel.
  7. Indovel without prior notice to the user, has the authority to take any action necessary for any alleged breach or breach of these Terms & Conditions and/or applicable law, i.e. the act of disabling the product, product deletion, store moderation, counter closure, listing cancellation, suspension of accounts, and/or deletion of user accounts.
  8. Indovel has the authority to close the store or user account either temporarily or permanently when there is an act of cheating in transacting and/or violations of Indovel’s terms and conditions.
  9. Users are prohibited from creating and/or using any devices, software, features and/or other tools aimed at manipulating the indovel system, including but not limited to: (i) Data manipulation outlets; (ii)crawling/scrapingactivities; (iii) Automation activities in transactions, buying and selling, promotion, etc; (v) Product additions to the product category; and/or (vi) Other activities that can reasonably be assessed as a system manipulation action.
  10. Indovel has the authority to adjust the number of transaction outlets, adjustments in reputation, and/or moderation/close user accounts, if known or suspected of cheating by a user aiming to manipulate transaction data in order to increase the reputation of the outlets (review and or transaction amount) will be given a disclaimer. An example is to do the shopping process to the store itself using a personal account or other personal account.
  11. Indovel has the authority to freeze the user’s balance when found/suspected of any act of fraud and/or violation of Indovel’s terms and conditions.
  12. Partners are prohibited from duplicating outlets, duplicating products, or other actions that may be indicated as unhealthy competition ventures.
  13. The user has no right to change the domain of the partner store.
  14. The user is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password for all activities that occur under the user’s account.
  15. Indovel will not ask for the username, password nor the verification SMS code or the OTP code belonging to the user account for any reason, therefore Indovel urged users to not provide such data or other important data to the parties on behalf of Indovel or other parties that can not be guaranteed security.
  16. The user agrees to ensure that the user exits the account at the end of each session and notifies Indovel if there is unauthorised use of the user’s password or account.
  17. The user hereby declares that Indovel shall not be liable for any loss or liability arising from the misuse of the account resulting from the negligence of the user, including but not limited to lending or granting account access to others, accessing links or links provided by others, providing or exposing the verification Code (OTP), passwords or emails to other parties, or any other user’s negligence resulting in the loss or
  18. By placing an order through this site, the user hereby declares and warrants that the user is not subject to any prohibition or restriction by any sanctions program, or subject to penalties under any anti-money laundering regime.
  19. Partners are prohibited from promoting the outlets and/or products directly using private messaging facilities, product discussions, product reviews that may interfere with the convenience of other users.



  1. Traveler must transact through the transaction procedure set by Indovel. The Traveler made a payment using the payment method previously set by Indovel, and then Indovel will forward the funds to the partner when the buy and sell transaction stage of the Indovel system is completed.
  2. When making a product purchase, Traveler agrees that:
    • The Traveler is responsible for reading, understanding and approving the information/description of the entire product (including but not limited to the itinerary, color, quality, functionality, and so on) before making an offer or commitment to purchase.
    • Traveler acknowledges that the actual color of the product as seen on Indovel’s website depends on buyer’s computer monitor. Indovel has made the best efforts to ensure that the colours in the photographs displayed on Indovel’s website appear as accurately as possible, but cannot guarantee that the color appearances on the Indovel site will be accurate.
    • Traveler acknowledges that the condition and actual state of the product as seen on Indovel’s website depends on the booth and become the responsibility of the booth itself, as an example of the condition of the booth when taking a photo or video picture or a description of a location or item. Indovel cannot guarantee that the appearance or condition of a product displayed on Indovel’s website will be identical and accurate.
    • The inequality of the product image and video with its original state, is solely the responsibility of the relevant partner. If the partner and the Traveler cannot deal together during the complaint from the buyer, Indovel may be a mediator in the particular case (terms and conditions apply).
    • The traveler enters into a legally binding contract to purchase a product when Traveler buys a product.
    • Indovel does not transfer legal ownership of products from partners to buyers.
  3. We do not warrant or bear that you will be provided with valid travel permits that apply to you. We are not responsible for notifying you or indemnification to you in the event that you suffer any loss or damage in respect of the absence of your visa or travel permit (including, but not limited to, refusal to enter into a country, deportation.
  4. Traveler understands and agrees that the availability of the product quota is the responsibility of the partner offering the product. Regarding the availability of product quotas are subject to change at any time, so in the case of an empty product quota, the partner will reject the order, and payment of the corresponding product is returned to the buyer.
  5. Traveler understands fully and agrees that any transaction made between Traveler and partner other than through official account of Indovel and/or without the knowledge of Indovel (through facilities/private network, delivery of messages, special transaction arrangements outside the Indovel website or other attempts) is the personal responsibility of the buyer.
  6. Indovel has the full authority to refuse payment without prior notice.
  7. Payment by Traveler must be done immediately (no later than within WAKTU1 days) after the Traveler has made an order at Indovel. If within that time limit payment or payment confirmation has not been done by the buyer, Indovel has the authority to cancel the transaction in question. Traveler is not entitled to make any claim or claim for cancellation of such transaction.
  8. Payment confirmation with cash deposit must be accompanied by news on the deposit slip in the form of invoice number and name. Payment confirmation with no description of cash deposit will not be processed by Indovel.
  9. Traveler agrees not to notify or submit proof of payment and/or payment data to any party other than Indovel. In the event of any loss arising from the notification or submission of a proof of payment and/or payment data by the Traveler to another party, it will be the responsibility of the buyer.
  10. Travellers must confirm their order status if they are completed. If Traveler does not respond within the 1 (one) day deadline for completing the order, it is automatically confirmed completed by Indovel system. And the fund goes to the owner’s store balance account.
  11. After the confirmation of the status of the tour product is “completed order” automatically from Indovel, then the funds of the Traveler sent to the official payment system Indovel will be continued to send to the partner party (the transaction is deemed completed).
  12. The Traveler understands and agrees that any claim filed after the automatic confirmation of the “completed order” is not the responsibility of Indovel. Any loss arising after an automatic confirmation/confirmation of the “completed order” becomes the responsibility of the Traveler personally.
  13. Traveler understands and agrees that the problem of delays in payment processing and additional costs caused by the bank’s difference that the Traveler uses with official Indovel bank account is the responsibility of the Traveler personally.
  14. Refunds from Indovel to the Traveler can only be made if in certain circumstances:
    • Overpaid from Traveler over the product price,
    • Partners cannot support orders due to running out of quota, unexpected changes in fees or other causes,
    • Traveler is not yet in the “completed orders” stage. Because if the Traveler has agreed to the completion of the order, the Traveler indirectly agrees and agrees that the booking has no problem whatsoever, and thereafter, the funds from Indovel will be directly forwarded to the partner.
    • Resolutions through resolution centre are the decision to refund the Traveler or the result of the decision from Indovel.
  15. In case of refund, the refund will be made through the Traveler’s Indovel balance which will be increased according to the amount of the refund. Indovel was authorized to make decisions on unresolved transaction issues due to the absence of a settlement agreement, both between the partner and the buyer, by looking at the evidence. Indovel’s decision is the final decision that cannot be contested and binding on the partners and the Traveler to comply.
  16. The Traveler must pay a nominal payment according to the amount stated on the checkout page. Indovel is not responsible for any losses incurred by the Traveler when making a payment that does not match the amount of the bill stated on the checkout page.
  17. The Traveler understands fully and agrees that the invoice issued is on behalf of the partner.
  18. You may not assign or transfer your rights or obligations under these terms, without our prior written consent.



  1. Partners are prohibited from manipulating product prices for any purpose.
  2. The partner is not allowed to make an offer/trade the prohibited product in accordance with the provisions of “product type”.
  3. Partners are required to provide photos and product information in a complete and clear accordance with the conditions and quality of the products sold. In the case of any discrepancy between the photograph and the product information uploaded by the partner with the product received by buyer, Indovel reserves the right to cancel/withhold the transaction funds.
  4. In using the “product title”, “Product photos”, “Notes” and “product descriptions” facilities, partners are prohibited from making standard statutory regulations that do not meet Indonesia’s prevailing laws and regulations, including but not limited to (i) does not accept complaints, (ii) does not accept refunds (refunds), (iii) unwarranted product, (iv) The transfer of liability, and (v) Depreciation of price value unilaterally. If there is any conflict between the store record and/or product description with the terms & the Indovel terms, then the applicable regulations are the & terms of Indovel terms.
  5. The partner shall provide a reply to accept or reject the booking of the Traveler’s product within the deadline set by Indovel since the date of the product order notification from Indovel. If within that time limit there is no reply from the partner then the order will automatically be cancelled.
  6. In order to maintain the convenience of the Traveler in transaction, the partner understands and agrees that Indovel reserves the right to moderate a partner booth if the partner commits a refusal, cancellation and/or does not respond to the booking’s product order with alleged to manipulate the transaction, breach of these terms and conditions, and/or other fraud or abuse.
  7. In the event that the partner can only fulfill part of the number of products ordered by the buyer, the partner shall provide information to Indovel before accepting the order in question. Traveler has full authority to approve the transaction/cancel transaction and the partner is prohibited to proceed with the transaction without receiving approval from buyer. If it has been reapproved by the Traveler in accordance with the number of orders held by the partner, then the total funds difference of the product price will be refunded to the buyer. But if the partner continues to continue with the transaction without the consent of the buyer, the partner agrees that this will be the sole responsibility of the partner.
  8. Indovel has the authority to withhold payment of funds in Indovel official account until the unspecified time when there are problems and claims from the Traveler related to the delivery process and product quality. A new payment will be extended to the partner if the issue has been completed and/or the product has been received by the buyer.
  9. The partner understands and agrees that the partner income tax will be reported and managed by each partner in accordance with the provisions of the applicable tax laws in Indonesia.
  10. Indovel was authorized to make decisions on unresolved transaction issues due to the absence of a settlement agreement, both between the partner and the buyer, by looking at the evidence. Indovel’s decision is the final decision that cannot be contested and binding on the partners and the Traveler to comply.
  11. The partner understands fully and agrees that the invoice issued is on behalf of the partner.
  12. You may not assign or transfer your rights or obligations under these terms, without our prior written consent.



  1. Partners are prohibited from using product categories (including and not limited to information on the store and product information) as a medium to advertise or promote to pages of other sites outside the Indovel website.
  2. Partners are prohibited from providing personal contact data with the intention to make transactions directly to the Traveler/prospective buyer.
  3. Partners are prohibited from providing information (outlets and/or products) in addition to/from the description of the outlets and/or products in question.
  4. Product naming must be made in accordance with the details, specifications, and condition of the product, therefore Traveler is not allowed to include names and/or words that are not related to the product.
  5. Product naming and product information must match the conditions of the product displayed and the partner may not include the name and information that is not in accordance with the product’s condition.
  6. Partners should separate each product that has different description, type, or size and price.
  7. Indovel has the authority take over sub-domain of the partner booth if the partner’s account has been inactive for more than 9 months, and/or the owner of the authorised trademark (in accordance with the general list of brands in Indonesia) under the same name as the sub-domain of the partner claiming against it because they want to use the sub-domain.
  8. Indovel has the authority to change the name and/or name of the store and/or user domain for the internal purposes of Indovel.



  1. Indovel enforces a commission system for every transaction made that is charged to the partner.
  2. A commission deduction is set by Indovel with a maximum commission of 10% of the transaction value that has been successfully completed. Commissions include promotional fees and transaction discounts by payment gateway.
  3. The decision on the reputation of choice was wholly owned and determined by Indovel’s decision-maker team.



  1. The price of the products contained in the Indovel website is the price set by the partner. Partners are prohibited from manipulating product prices in any way.
  2. Partners are prohibited from setting an unusual price on products offered through Indovel website. Indovel reserves the right to take action in the course of transferring the product to a warehouse, inspection, delay, or loss of content and other actions based on its own judgment from Indovel on the basis of an unreasonable pricing.
  3. Available rates may include taxes and additional fees, but in certain cases and circumstances may also not include taxes and service charges. Traveler Please read clearly the description and price set by the partner.
  4. Traveler understands and agrees that the fault of the price and other information due to the unupdated page of Indovel website due to the browser/ISP that the Traveler is the responsibility of the buyer.
  5. The partner understands and agrees that typographical errors that cause a price description or other information to be untrue/compliant are the responsibility of the partner. Please note that, in case of accidental product price description, the partner reserves the right to reject the product order made by the buyer.
  6. The Traveler understands and agrees that any issues and/or disputes arising out of the disagreements between the partner and the Traveler about the price are not the sole responsibility of Indovel.
  7. By making a booking through Indovel, Traveler agrees to pay the total amount to be paid as stated on the checkout page, which consists of the product price, postage, and other charges that may arise and will be explicitly outlined in the checkout page. Traveler agrees to make payment via a pre-selected payment method by the user.
  8. The maximum unit price limitation for the products that can be offered is Rp 25 million,-
  9. Indovel website currently only serves to buy and sell products denominated in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).



  1. In using any Indovel features and/or services, users are forbidden to upload or use any words, comments, images, or any content that contains the elements of SARA, discrimination, demeaning or dissociating others, vulgar, threatening, advertising or promotional to any site other than the Indovel site, or anything else that may be deemed to be inappropriate by the value and social norms or based on Indovel’s self-determined policies. Indovel reserves the right to perform the necessary actions for violations of these terms, such as content removal, counter moderation, account blocking, etc.
  2. Users are forbidden to use photos/images of products that have watermarks that signify the ownership rights of others.
  3. The user hereby understands and agrees that the misuse of the photos/images uploaded by the user is the sole responsibility of the user.
  4. Partners are not allowed to use the photo/image product or logo of the store as a medium to advertise or to promote to other sites outside the Indovel site, or provide personal contact data to make transactions directly to the buyer/prospective buyer.
  5. When users upload to Indovel’s website with content or post content, the user grants Indovel a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (through some level) right to enforce any and all copyrights, publicity, trademarks, database rights and intellectual property rights that the user has in the content, in any medium known today or in the future. Further, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you waive any moral rights and pledge not to assert such rights against Indovel.
  6. The user warrants that it does not infringe the intellectual property rights in uploading user content to the Indovel website. Each user is personally liable for infringement of intellectual property rights in the posting of content on the Indovel site.
  7. Indovel provides a “product discussion” feature to make it easier for travellers to interact with partners, regarding the products offered. The partner may not use the feature for purposes in any way raise the price of its trading product, including the first time comment or further/continuous commentary (flooding/spam).
  8. The content or material that will be shown or displayed on the Indovel site will be subject to the applicable website terms, rules and regulations.
  9. Indovel reserves the right at any time to degrade content or material contained in Indovel Website which is deemed to violate the site terms and conditions, applicable laws and regulations.



The type of product prohibited to be traded by the partner on Indovel site is anything unrelated to Indovel’s main services as well as any other types of products prohibited by applicable law for trading. For now Indovel’s main services are tours, activities, transportation, hotels and inns.



Indovel may at any time conduct promotional activities (hereinafter referred to as “Promo”) with the terms and conditions which may differ in each Promo activity. Traveler is encouraged to read carefully the terms and conditions of the Promo.



  1. Withdrawal of bank funds will be processed within 1 × 24 hours of the working day, while the withdrawal of inter-bank funds will be processed within 2 × 24 hours of working days.
  2. For withdrawal of funds with the purpose of account number outside BRI Bank if there is additional fee charged will be dependent on the user.
  3. In the event of a suspected breach of the Indovel terms and conditions, fraud, manipulation or crime, the user understands and agrees that Indovel reserves the right to conduct inspection, suspension, suspension and/or cancellation of withdrawals made by the user.
  4. Inspection, freezing or delay in withdrawing funds as mentioned in point 3 can be done within the period of time as required by the Indovel party.
  5. If a withdrawal request has been processed and forwarded to the relevant bank, the user CANNOT cancel it. If there is a data error caused by the user, it is solely the responsibility of the user as an informed provider in the process of withdrawal request. But if it has not been processed by Indovel Admin, users can contact the Admin to cancel the withdrawal process. After withdrawal is cancelled, withdraw the funds by entering the correct data.



  1. Resolution Center is a feature provided by Indovel to facilitate the resolution of transaction problems between Traveler and Mitra.
  2. This feature will automatically hold the product’s payment funds to the partner until the issue reported to the resolution Center is complete.
  3. In using this feature, Traveler and Mitra are expected to provide evidence of sale and purchase transactions in the form of product photos, purchasing notes, and other supporting evidence that can be the basis of the correct for each argument issued by each party.
  4. Solving problems through the resolution centre can be a solution generated based on a joint agreement between Traveler and partner.
  5. If the partner does not provide an answer after more than 3 days, the Traveler has the right to contact the Indovel party.
  6. If it is not found within 3 days of mutual agreement, Traveler and Mitra have the same rights to ask Indovel’s help.
  7. By contacting Indovel, in accordance with the terms & Conditions Indovel, Traveler and Mitra understand and agree that, Indovel is authorized to make a decision on the matter by looking at the evidence and/or new evidence that must be supplemented by each party.
  8. Indovel is authorized to conduct mediation and/or make decisions for the resolution of issues in the central resolution discussion, although either party (partner or buyer) has not pressed the aid button, in the case of: (i) the existence of information from third parties relating to the course of the transaction; (ii) Proof of Traveler and/or partner submitted via another communication line (Indovel email, User services, etc.) that needs to be forwarded to the resolution center with the transparency of the problem; (iii) A report of either party due to the negligence of the partner or buyer; (iv) either party (partner or purchaser) is indicative of fraudulent action; Or (v) Certain conditions that cause Indovel to promptly engage in mediation.
  9. At Indovel’s first decision above, both Traveler and Mitra have the right to appeal, on the requirement that the party requesting the appeal must submit new evidence outside of the previous evidence.
  10. Traveler and Mitra hereby agree that the decision on Indovel’s appeal is an uncontested final decision that binds the partner and the Traveler to comply.
  11. Traveler and Mitra understand and agree that in resolving constraints at the resolution Center, Traveler and partner are required to respond to the constraints that exist to be completed by complying with the terms and deadlines as determined by Indovel in the relevant discussions.
  12. Traveler and Mitra understand and agree that the deadline for proof of delivery (including where required return address of the product) is a maximum of 3 days since Indovel made the request for proof to Traveler or partner for the relevant transaction.
  13. Ordinances using the full resolution center can be found on the resolution Center help page.



  1. If the user uses the features available on the Indovel website, the user hereby acknowledges and agrees to all terms and conditions set out specifically with respect to such features.
  2. All matters that are not yet and/or not set out in the special terms and conditions in the feature will be fully referred to in the general terms and conditions of Indovel.
  3. Conditions for Force Majuere circumstances can be seen in the Privacy Policy section of force Majuere.



Indovel is a web portal with the Costumer to Customer Marketplace, providing services to users to be a partner or a Traveler on Indovel’s website. Thus the transaction is a transaction between members Indovel, so that user understands that the limitation of responsibility of Indovel is proportionately as a web portal service provider.

Indovel always strives to keep Indovel’s services safe, comfortable, and functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee continuous operation or access to our services can always be perfect. Information and data on Indovel’s website are unlikely to occur in real time.

User agrees that you utilize Indovel’s services at the user’s own risk, and the Indovel service is provided to you on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Indovel (including the parent company, its directors and employees) is irresponsible, and you agree not to sue Indovel liable, for any damages or losses (including but not limited to loss of money, reputation, profits, or other intangible losses) that result directly or indirectly from:

  • Use of or inability of users to use Indovel services.
  • Price or other instructions are available in Indovel service.
  • Delays or interruptions in Indovel services.
  • Negligence and losses incurred by each user.
  • Product mismatch.
  • The circumstances of the location, venue and facilities provided which do not match the picture or product description made by the booth.
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights.
  • Disputes between users.
  • Defamation of the other party.
  • Any misuse of the products that the user has purchased.
  • The loss of unauthorized payments to any party other than the official account of Indovel, which in any way may be in the name of Indovel or negligence in the account and/or other information and/or negligence of the bank.
  • Viruses or other malicious software (bots, scripts, automation toolsin addition to Power Merchant features, hacking tools) are obtained by accessing, or linking to Indovel services.
  • Interference, bugs, errors or any inaccuracies in the Indovel service.
  • Damage to your hardware from the use of any Indovel service.
  • The content, action, or absence of actions of any third party, including in connection with the products contained in Indovel’s allegedly fraudulent website.
  • Enforcement rights taken in connection with a user account.
  • Any hacking action performed by a third party to the user’s account.



The user shall release Indovel from the claim of indemnification and maintain Indovel (including the parent company, director, and employee) of any claim or claim, including reasonable legal fees, conducted by a third party arising in your breach of this agreement, the improper use of the Indovel services and/or your breach of the law or the rights of any third party.



This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, without regard to conflict of law rules. You agree that any legal action or dispute that may arise from, relate to, or in any way connected with the site and/or this Agreement shall be resolved exclusively in the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Indonesia.



Terms & Conditions may be amended and/or updated from time to time without prior notice. Indovel recommends that you carefully read and check the Terms & Conditions page from time to time to determine any changes. By still accessing and using the Indovel service, the user is deemed to agree to the changes in the terms & conditions.


Updated: 06 August 2020